Monday, June 1, 2009

Short Movie Review: The UGH Rating

I should like to note that all birth scenes, particularly dramatic ones, should be avoided or there ought to be a warning label provided for bereaved mothers who experienced traumatic birth and subsequent death of their children. We have "gratuitous violence," "sex," and "mature language" (that one makes me laugh as there are plenty of mature people out there who wouldn't think of using that kind of language). 

After seeing Star Trek, I must give it three out of four "UGHS". The baby lives, but seriously, it was the crappiest part of the movie for me. I survived it--with eyes closed--and managed to enjoy (yes, I did enjoy the movie) the rest of the story. 

Anyone else want to weigh in? Any other movies that require an UGH rating? 


  1. I probably won't see it, but thank you for the warning.

    I had a hard time with Revolutionary Road for the same reason. I just couldn't watch, not knowing what would develop.

    Peace, my friend.

  2. Marley and Me, has a scene you are not expecting and that horror movie 1401, has a scene where John Cusack has to relive his daughter's death and it is heart-wrenching. I was actually angry at the person who recommended it as I had just lost Zoe, and they,'didn't think about it'...
    xo lindsay

  3. I saw UP yesterday and I walked away feeling the same way. I enjoyed it & it was worth watching but I really wasn't expecting something deep from an animated movie & almost immediately they start with infertility and death. Halmark and Johnson & Johnson commercials are another thing they should give people a warning for before showing so we can dash into the kitchen or something. Sigh...

  4. The first five minutes of Up and Mostly Cloudy, the short before the movie, are both difficult to watch. Be warned.

  5. Ditto, ditto, ditto!!! To this day, I don't handle birth scenes well at all. ER scarred me (well, just added to my scars) once in a way I'll never was all centered around a birth/death scene. UGHHHHH!! I KNOW there are lots of movies, but can't think of their names right now...possibly because of my attempts to block them out of my memory.

    Another post that hits the nail on the never miss do you?

    Much love and many hugs!

  6. Yeah, we went to see Star Trek with friends, and the birth scene was hard. I watched it with my left eye only since my right was buried in N's shoulder.

    I get annoyed at romantic comedies that don't just end with the couple getting together, but fast forward to show happy couple with baby or baby bump. If parenting/pregnancy/wanting to parent/wanting a baby isn't part of the film, this is especially annoying.

  7. DH and I went to see Star Trek with his brother and SIL a few weeks back. I had a really bad day, crying right up until we left for the movie. But, I thought a movie might get me out of my head for a while, so I went.

    Opening: pregnant woman going into labor during a battle. Really?!??? I look at DH and he looks at me in disbelief. I was about to walk out due to the apparent token pregnant woman birth scene.

    Luckily for the movie there was a point to it - Captain Kirk. That was the only saving grace.

    It was an uncomfortable 5 minutes, and I had to keep from screeeming at the screen "BS!!!", but like you, we got trhough it and the rest of the movie was awesome!!!

    I gave a fellow babylost mama the heads up before she went to see it.