Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Milestones Blur

At some point in time, I check in with myself. Some milestones blur, you see, and without reflection you can miss them.

This past week, I sang everyday. Drank wine everyday. Walked, swam, and laughed everyday. I listened and told stories everyday.

Unplugged from every technology that requires a plug or battery including my camera, I aimed to be present rather than documenting presence. I participated in life everyday. Woven within this participation of thoughts, words, music, and experiences was my daughter's presence.

My Caitlin, with me always.

In the sound of twigs giving way to my footfalls and calls of loons on the lake, in the trance as my arms roll over each other in the water, in casual and deep conversations, in the peaks of the musical phrases, and in the quiet reflection during fatigue from a hard and glorious day--just before a restful sleep.

And that is a milestone.