Thursday, June 11, 2009

Come Back as Music

The lyrics from "Let Me Be The Music" by David Friedman speak to me. Firstly, because it suggests that we return to this earth not in that ashes to ashes way, where our bodies are reclaimed by Earth and other life springs from the earth, but rather we return in sound. We return as music, a sonorous reification of love.

It's cool, I think. Really cool. I cannot find a free sound file for you to hear the music of these words, but hope the lyrics might speak to you and provide a bit of hope for you as you read.

Seasons come and season go, and somehow they were meant to show, that life and love are never really gone.

So when my journey here is through, I'm certain there is just a new hello, and so when I travel on

Let me be the music. Let me be the music of love I have known. Let me be the melodies in the wind and the trees that sing to the lost and alone. Let me be the sweet refrain in the sound of the rain or a rippling stream. Let me be the lullabies that close the eyes of children when they dream.

For music has no walls or bars, it bridges time and space. It only asks the senses to surrender. It sweeps us to the stars and makes us one in its embrace. It has no fences. It has no gender.

So let me be the music, the beautiful music of love. Let me be the voices of spring that rejoice in the things that blossom and grow. Oh let me be the music, to come again as music. The beautiful music of love when I go.

Oh let me be the music when I go, when I go.


  1. I agree. Really cool. And, beautiful.

  2. thanks for sharing that really speaks to me as I am always saying that I will see (or hear!) Tate agian in the wind, the rain the sea etc and there is a certain calming quality in that for me, Especially when we go to our rural block and we are mostly outdoors we are more open to surrendering to those senses! beautiful thanks

  3. I love the lyrics and the meaning.