Monday, September 21, 2009

Late to the ICLW Table

Ah, I am late to the ICLW table. I thought that this month, I would be able to participate more fully, but alas, I am struggling again. So, I will say, "Thanks for all who came to visit. I'll be madly commenting beginning NOW!"

I like the ICLW because it gives me a chance to connect with more bloggers out there in the land of bereavement, TTC, infertiles, adoptive parents, and so many more. Scheeeeeuuuuu there are lots of us out there!

This weekend, DH and I left a busy work week behind and visited friends. It was nice. I'd post a picture, but Blogger and I are "fighting" and it won't cooperate.

Ever just feel like no matter what you do nothing will cooperate?


  1. That is how I feel most of the time ...nature is no cooperating with gets more bdifficult by the minute and I just cannot cope.

  2. I had the same problem, and totally understand. Thanks anyhow for stopping by my place... will be thinking about you... ((hugs))

  3. I do feel like that sometimes. Often I am sitting in front of the computer when it happens, sometimes it is when my husband and son are feeling contrary, but they would always say it's me being bossy. I definitely don't think that I would be bossy!

  4. Oh man, like everyday!!

    Glad it's not just me..xo

  5. It is sad that there are so many of us out there suffering in one way or another. I never knew all these gals even existed until I started the ttc journey myself.