Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trouble with the Thoughts

I'm back in full swing for the semester and I can actually feel how much stronger I am since the year anniversary of my daughter's death. In short, the busy day went well and so when I came to my Fifth Season, I found that was able to visit and look at her pictures and read some previous posts and catch-up on the blogs I read periodically. However, I'm having trouble with the thoughts of my own. In a sense, I'm am content (whoa--shocker--Is it OK for me to say that?). It's true. I am neither sad or happy, but content with where I am in this moment.

If you need a laugh today, check out the link to a post entitled "Poking, Nudging, and Whining." I couldn't stop laughing.


  1. It's alright to admit you are content. I too find myself feeling content alot of the time. I know our babies understand, and have helped us to find our way to this place of contentment. As in your sorrow, you are not alone in this new place either.

  2. Thanks, Amy. You always seem to know what to say. Many thanks.