Friday, January 9, 2009

Images in Stone

There is something about sculpture that captures an essence of something that only three dimensions can do. And the nature of making an image stone and expressing an emotion or message through stone is, well, permanent. The stone makes us think it will be there forever, long past ourselves for others to come to know. Though the images do wear with the elements of water and air, the stone does its best not to disappoint those of us who rest our hands to draw out the essence of the living subject or the artist's love.

I have no story for the image below. It's a sculpture I saw in an artist's garden in a village in France. I wasn't able to climb through the fence and touch it, but I wanted to. The child is so peaceful and happy and resting and alive--that's what I think may be the story. I could imagine more, but I'll leave it at that--a child alive, sleeping peacefully with a mother watching lovingly.

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