Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Note on Dentist's Chart

Had an emergency-of-sorts appointment at the dentist's today. I woke up Saturday morning to find that I was crunching on a bit of my own tooth. Even though I use a mouth guard, the gnashing, clenching, and grinding has gotten worse. Doesn't take much of an introspective look at why it's increased. Caitlin's 2nd birthday is coming up and with it the season of her life and the season of her death.

I sat in the chair and the dentist makes "small" talk, about his sister who just had a baby and who doesn't want to go back to work, about his wife's second pregnancy and how she had little to do at home, and about babies and babies and babies, and I'm thinking, "Scheezzzeee, can't we just put a note on my chart that reads--Dead baby mama."

As I sat there unable to respond, I found it not-so-amusing that I had to endure conversation that prompts the kinds of thoughts and emotions that likely cause me to slam my teeth together as I sleep. Then an ever so slightly amusing visual played out in my head like a silent movie [Cue music] and I wryly smiled to myself as I had the urge to slam my jaws together! For the good doctor's sake, we should really get a note on the dentist's chart!


  1. Boo. As if the dentist isn't hard enough. xo

  2. Seriously, what is up with dentists lately???

    When mine saw the condition of my guard she says "you need to relax!" Uh, yeah, tell me something I don't know already!

    Sorry you had to endure all that baby talk. Wishing you peaceful nights of sleep!


  3. I hate small talk at the dentist anyway. Really I just hate the dentist. Gah. Maybe you should write your own witty note and ask him to paper clip it to the front of your chart.
    I'm sorry.

  4. As if dentist visits weren't bad enough... ; ) I've been told I grind my teeth in my sleep too. I'm willing to bet it's common among us deadbabymamas.

  5. I actually do have a note on my dentists chart! I had to cancel an appointment scheduled for the same day as my son's funeral, and they noted that on my chart. I peeked at my chart when the dentist had left the room, and saw the note on there. I'm glad that they know, but gosh it feels sad to have that kind of note on your dental chart.

    I was also told that I may be grinding my teeth since Lachlan died...

  6. When I got the dentist I usually see the hygienist. And all she ever talks about is her aunt's firstborn daughter, who died. Of course it's terrible. But I've heard this same story from the same hygienist twice a year for three years now. It's like she has nothing else to say to me. I just want her to shut up.

  7. Well, I hope he's good at his work, especially since you had to sit through all of that!

    I think there is a note on my chart, because at the first appointment I had after Teddy died, I cried like a baby when my hygienist (who is a sweetheart) asked me about him. We just talk about the weather now, which is actually just fine with me.

  8. Most days I'm pretty sure "small" talk is completely overrated!

    Thinking of you and wishing you peaceful sleep with no grinding and gnashing of teeth! :)

  9. Just dreadful. I had an experience with a new dentist right after my son died. After I spilled my heart about B.W.'s life/death to the hygenist, the dentist walks in and actually says "well, I heard you had a little mis-hap". WTF? Are you serious?!! A "mis-hap"? Uh, yeah, my SON DIED. I cried the rest of the day and never returned.