Sunday, August 30, 2009

Like a Shell

Waves of grief are thus described
Because when they wash over you
They pull you under deep dark waters
Waters where you find yourself as frightened as the first time
Her death pulled you under
Waters where you know helplessness
Again, as it was before
Waters where you wonder

"How will I survive?"

Waters that bash you against the shore and roll you around in cold blackness
Until you surrender to grief's tide
Leaving you at last on the sand and seaweed
You feel like a shell
Perhaps others will see the beauty of your shell, but you feel like your insides are gone

You are gone


  1. I am so glad you found me. I was able to come and share your blog and shed tears as I read Caitlin's story. I am really sorry for your loss. I wish your caitlin was in your arms and you were singing her every night to sleep. I feel your grief and your torment. I feel your loss. Hugging you.

  2. Waves of grief...exactly...precisely. How will I survive? Thank you for helping.