Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Caitlin's Tree Blooms

Here in New England, we haven't had much summer. The thunderstorms have been severe and frequent. Local news reported that we've had more rainy days in June than Seattle. Now that just ain't right! Today was another rainy day. I looked out the window and notice something new . . . Caitlin's tree has begun to bloom!

This brought some comfort today, nicely balancing the painful cemetery visit on July 4th.

When I went out to take a few pics of the blossoms, I captured a lovely creature also out enjoying the blooms, a bee. Now, bereaved mothers will find this next part of my story quite easy to understand and likely will have similar encounters to share.

While at the cemetery, a hawk flew very low over the baby section of the cemetery. The wing-span was enourmous, and I watched it lift and circle until I could no longer find it. I thought of another bereaved mother who has written several times about the significance hawks have for her and her baby boy. I sent them a little hug from us. Another frequent visitor was a red dragon fly. I didn't know they came in red, but I watch this one dart around and hover above the small stones in our little lost baby land. We sent another "universe" hug to a baby boy and his mother who attaches great meaning to the dragon fly for her baby. I looked down at Caitlin's grave and noticed that the grass has nearly succeeded in hiding the wound of cutting the ground to lay her coffin in, and I saw a bee buzzing around this grass by my feet. "Who do you belong to?" I asked out loud. I wrote my poem there, and then sat in silence.

Today, I got my answer. The bee belongs to Caitlin and the flowers on her tree. I love that nature is an avenue of comfort for us on this journey by providing a way to make meaning and find connections to our children.


  1. Caitlin's tree is gorgeous. And the hawk and dragonfly are just perfect. With love.

  2. What an awesome event! Loved it when Jordan's blossoms first bloomed And I love that her symbol is a bee!

  3. The tree is lovely. I'll think of Caitlin when I see bees buzzing about.

  4. just beautiful. i LOVE the flowers on her tree and the bee and yes, of course the hawk.
    this rain is ridiculous- but i guess if its going to bring us beautiful flowers and trees and creatures in honor of our babies, i'll take it.

  5. Beautiful beautiful. I hope you see many more little friends along your way.


  6. Such a beautiful tree. I love the golden-hearted blossoms, and Caitlin's bee.