Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting on the Mondrian Train

I've been enjoying the portraits of several bloggers, thanks to Niobe's prompt and link to this Mondrian site to generate a portrait in the artist's style. I thought it might be curious to get a "family portrait" of sorts by generating one for DH, myself, and Caitlin. (The one with lots of brown is DH, with red is me, and touches of brown is Caitlin.) Caitlin's was hard because there weren't any options for being less than a year old and such, but I answered for her the best I could. Then, I layered the portraits each on top of the other, with Caitlin's first. I made DH and mine transparent so all three of "us" could be seen, and that's how I arrived at our family Mondrianesque portrait. I'm sure the artist would not have approved, but as with all things grief, it's not about him. It's about doing the grief work that must be done to make sense, make meaning and bring some comfort and way to live in this world without her.


  1. What an amazing idea! I hope you're going to print it out right?
    I'm glad you're trying to work through your grief and honor your baby. You seem very brave and I admire that.
    sending love

  2. great idea, love the result! I know what you mean about doing grief work which makes meaning to you. I have done a fair bit of art therapy type greiving, just follow my own ideas and thoughts about what I needed. I drew a mandala for Tate which I absolutely love, they are a really great way to express something of what you may be feeling. I think I googled: art therapy mandalas and there was a bit of info to get me started. I did a sketch, but I have been thinking about a photo montage in photoshop (just have to get to it!!) thinking of you and Caitlin. X Jacky

  3. Very cool...I'm with you, who cares if the artist approves.
    It's about you creating your beauty from your grief. And, not that it matters, but I think your family portrait is beautiful!

  4. so perfect - the layering of yourselves. Is is printable and frameable??