Saturday, October 11, 2008

For Liam's Mom

For my dear friend and fellow mother
Our children introduced us
"Mom meet another mom
whose heart is broken and misses her's
as deeply as you miss me."

We may never meet, but understand better
than friends who talk and share a weekly cup of coffee
We may never shout in that high so-glad-to-see-you voice
"How have you been?"
With the quick and kindly hug, but we will
know how the other is

We walk together and sit in silence
holding the memory of our children as comfort
knowing that another mom is holding us in her heart

I'm so sorry Liam's mom. I read your post about this fall season. I began to hurt with you to know that you saw and felt what should be, your child in the colors holding Mama's hand. And when I read it, I remembered a picture I took of a farm in New England after visiting Caitlin in the hospital. The beautiful colors of fall, the trees and the pumpkins and gourds lined up to celebrate fall, were striking no doubt, but the picture that I took that resonated with me that day is this one.

Me looking out into the field of fall beauty through bars that prevented me from being part of it. And it is this picture that conjured emotions for me as I read your post. I had this sense that your vision of your son was your memory of what the future holds, only there is something that bars that future from being so.

And so, I share these pictures with you and, though the words aren't as pretty, I share those too.

In Liam and Caitlin's memory.


  1. Thank you so much! My heart skipped when I saw the title of your latest blog entry. My heart overflowed with love and thankfulness as my eyes looked at the beautiful pictures and kind words. The photo of the pumpkins through the bars captures so much of what I feel. Thank you for always understanding. There are no words to describe the emotions of my heart, but I know you thank you!