Saturday, October 18, 2008

Echo In My Soul

As Caitlin's death date approaches, I find I am swept away with grief. "It sounds an echo in my soul" is a lyric from the recessional hymn at Caitlin's funeral. It isn't death that echos there, but love and the music that is all that has the power to connect us here in this life.

Music was very important to us during Caitlin's short life. I sang to her constantly in the hospital. I made a recording of songs for the nurses to play for her when I couldn't be there. And as we walked out the door to go to the funeral, I grabbed the digital recorder that laid by her head so she could hear her mama's voice. I recorded her eulogy and many of the songs. I remember thinking, that I needed to be as present as possible. "I must pay attention," I thought, "and I must remember."

After the last post about "How Can I Keep From Singing," I trudged through the files on my computer and listened to those recordings again. The tears flowed, but that's love. I've drawn together some pictures, all from my camera on this grief journey and added the first verse of the recessional hymn at her funeral. I don't know how I sang, and in some places, I didn't--I just knew that I had to sing her out of the church as I sang her into heaven just days earlier.

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Echo in My Soul 10/18/08


  1. It's beautiful... thank you for sharing

  2. The video is just beautiful! Heartfelt, loving and a beautiful tribute to your sweet Caitlin.

    Your songs to Caitlin are something the two of you will always share. Keep singing, if only to your baby girl. Mamma's sing to their children, and we are mama's.

    Thank you for sharing this touching video. Caitlin is such a precious little girl. A loved little girl.


  3. Wow, what a painfully poignant and touching tribute to your beautiful girl. It is so apparent how much love surrounded her while she was here. I am just so sorry. I wish she was here, with you, instead.