Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Self Reflection of Making it Personal

I've been thinking hard about civil discourse.after coming back to this site today, I wonder that I went to far. Offended? Put off? Frightened? Dissapointed?

It takes little effort not to try to change the landscape. Just blame "them" in private. I tried to participate, but not to blame, but show that violent rhetoric is unnacceptable.
I think my error was to identify myself as is often referred to as the "somewhat left of center" and choosing hate speech from the "far right." Although I reversed the image, the damage of providing the labels and putting it in context of left and right was done.

I still vow to be peaceful in my discourse with others. I still aim to denounce the violent rhetoric and images when I encounter them despite the group they come from.

But, I won't bring them into this space anymore.



  1. Your writing in Making it Personal was well done and, as this blog is your space to write whatever you feel, absolutely appropriate. Who cares if anyone else was offended or put off? If one takes offence, one need not read. Much better for you to be true to yourself and utilise this space to your benefit than to edit yourself as you are likely to have to do in other facets of your life.

    Of course, you make a very valid point and hopefully anyone who feels strongly enough about any political matter can look at your image edit and realise that nonchalant jokes about violence+politics are unacceptable.

    On a personal note, the current political scene in the U.S. is one of the reasons that this U.S. citizen is hesitant to ever consider living there again.

    Don't stop writing what you feel here - please!

  2. Not too far. I'm glad you wrote it. I'm still surprised that so few people seem to know that words are truly powerful things and that we need to use them responsibly. Thanks for using yours against violence.

  3. I wrote my blog post this morning, before reading this. I sincerely appreciate your words. All of them. You, as always, are an inspiration to me. Thank you.