Sunday, December 19, 2010

Note for Family and Friends Who Read

Dear Family and Friends in Real Life,

If you've discovered and read my blog then you might be wondering, "Hey, is that woman the one I know?" or "Why is she so angry?" or "Why does she write such personal thoughts to strangers?""Will she ever get over it?"

And if you're thinking you should treat me differently or ask me about this or talk it out with someone else without me there  . . . . it's OK, go ahead. I mean that with no sarcasm or snarky insincerity. Your life and how you may or may not respond to this space and my words belong to you as does my response and rumination of my grief experiences belong to me.

Remember that I love you. Remember that anger ebbs and flows--as do all other emotions. Know that I sometimes don't want to burden family and friends of real life with "such personal thoughts," because I know some might be offended, or hurt, or feel obligated to try to make it better, or try to get me to be happy. And well, I am happy, though it's a complicated life happy.

And this space allows me to express the positive and the negative and that helps keep me in some kind of equilibrium.

AND so if you are reading, feel free to comment or not. It's OK. I love you.



  1. I think the people who are your friends (and family) in real life are lucky to be.

    Hugs, Caitsmom.

  2. I blog for the same reason--to spare those closest to me my ups and downs; and because I know there are readers that totally identify and understand and accept whatever comes out of my mouth. Bless you, Caitsmom. You've been such a comfort to me.

  3. Very well said Caitsmom. Peace