Thursday, December 16, 2010

May Our Children be Remembered this Holiday Season

When our children die, what we have is their memory and their name. We know no words can help us through difficult holiday times, but those who share their memories of our children and let us know that they remember our children are of great comfort. Hearing and seeing our child's name is also of some comfort. If tears flow, one need not feel bad, as they are natural and the result of love for our child, not a result of others saying "I'm sorry." Including their names in Christmas cards and seasonal family update letters helps us weave their death into our lives.  When someone is comfortable sitting with us in our pain, we feel held. And we feel held when others pause, however briefly to remember our children.

May each of my fellow-bereaved parents feel held this holiday season. I'll be hanging my angel ornaments and ornaments with Caitlin's name on our tree this year, and lighting a candle for all those children gone too soon.



  1. You wrote my wish.

    Remembering with you- Caitlin, and all other babies and children gone too soon.

  2. remembering your precious Caitlin, and my beloved Joey. thanks for all your comfort this year. may it return to you.

  3. Remembering and missing Caitlin, Liam and all our angel babies this holiday season.

  4. Lovely post. Thinking of you and your Caitlin as well as all the other dearly loved and missed little ones who aren't here to bring joy during the holidays.