Thursday, July 8, 2010

Folk Song of "Farmer's Curst Wife"

So, I've been perusing through folk songs from long ago. One in particular I found amusing and particularly at the final verse, I found my self silently nodding, . The opening verse is:

There was an old man at the foot of the hill, 
If he ain't moved away he's livin' there still, 
Sing heigh, diddlei, diddlei fie!
Diddlei diddlei day!

As I sing through the verses and the story goes
Devil shows up.
Farmer fears Devil will take his son. 
But, the Devil wants his wife.
Wife goes to hell and fights back so much that the Devil brings her back.

The final verse made me nod my head.

There's one advantage women have over men: 
They can go to Hell and come back again. 

Sometimes that's just what it feels like we do. We get drug to hell by agents out of our control, but somehow through shear force we fight our way back. I don't know how, but somehow it happens.

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