Friday, February 5, 2010

False comfort

The desire to have someone feel as bad as you feel is a false comfort.

Ah.....I should provide more insight. Yes, an understanding is a comfort, but a need or a desire for someone hurt the way one does provides no comfort----both merely hurt. Still.


  1. Very true, yet difficult not to yearn for others to somehow catch a glimpse of our pain.

    Peace, my friend.

  2. I have met so many other women who have walked my same path and I feel like I only add their hurt to mine. It is no comfort, just hurt.

    I don't think I'd have survived the past year without them, but at the same time, I hurt more for knowing them.


  3. It's too bad that any of us have to hurt at all.


  4. agreed. so true. yet we would never wish this pain on anyone.

  5. Much as I love you and need you all, I truely wish you were not members of this club. You are right. It hurts too much.

  6. What you say is right. Thanks for the thought. Alice

  7. Knowing that doesn't stop us from wanting it sometimes.

  8. A false comfort--so true.

    And yet, I find myself tempted and pulled into that wish too often.