Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cello Stories

An update on my new music learning endeavors. The cello rocks! I play three scales and a rendition of "Rueben, Rueben," that would make one weep. Ha! I wanted to share how energizing it is for my mind. The synapses must be firing in ways I can't imagine; after practicing for an hour, I went back to WORK---writing an article. That's right instead of being too tired, I was energized. Making music (not just listening)---that's the key. [Pun intended!]

Here's something else lovely, when I look down at my bow hand I see a blue and yellow "buddy walk" bracelet with Caitlin's name on it and it makes me smile inside. I wish she could hear me play the cello.

"Miss you baby girl. I'm working on your songs."


  1. Your post just makes me smile.

    Is there a vlog in our future?

  2. I'd love to hear you play...

    good to hear from you, a different kind of music, but still music.

    xx Ines

  3. oh, I've always wanted to learn the cello. Maybe one day we'll hear a sound clip?
    I am sure Caitlin is pulling the bow with you, she sits lightly on it.

  4. And now I'm here again. Randomly. I wonder if this is why my son is called Reuben. I love the cello, I hope Caitlin hears you play for her x