Friday, November 14, 2008

Go In Peace

I received this recording of my sister singing "Go in Peace" for a Mass on All Souls Day. The choir included a powerpoint with text for the parish and pictures of those loved ones who had passed. That my sister sang for Caitlin and she was part of this remembrance was comforting for me. Remembering and and the outward signs of those remembrances matter.

[I added a few pics to fit the music for this medium.]


  1. Hi Audrey! We met last Christmas at the dinner for our band Christmas eve. I am so sorry to hear of Caitlin's passing and I share your grief. I lost my mom three years ago and her picture is included in this video. She's the dark haired lady with the glasses in the center of the collage. I am so thankful to you and to Zita for sharing this. I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a peaceful 2009.
    ~~Vikki James

  2. Hi, Vikki. I watched the video again, so i could see your mom and know who she was. I'm so sorry for your loss. I love the picture you chose of your mother, there is such a natural and loving smile in it. Lovely.

    It's so hard to say goodbye, and the gift of the song and remembrance at your church's service is one of the many ways that others help us do this with love. Peace to you and your family.